22 Mart 2021

T.R. Diyarbakır State Hospital has served as Diyarbakır Training and Research Hospital for a while before the founding of our hospital, which was built on an area of 86000 square meters by the Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration. In February 2010, Prof. Dr. Yusuf Yağmur was appointed as the chief physician.
Diyarbakır Chest Diseases Hospital was integrated into our hospital in the process of continuing to work on the completion of the hospital's necessary medical equipment and personnel. Chest Diseases Polyclinic was opened on 25.06.2010 for the first time in the main building whose construction was completed.
The dialysis center, which is the largest hemodialysis center in our region with a total of 28 hemodialysis devices, was opened on 05.07.2010. With this structuring, 85 dialysis patients are served. At the same time, services are provided to 17 peritoneal dialysis patients.

    Patients were accepted to Chest Diseases Clinic in the main building on 07.07.2010. Doctors, personnel and equipment in the branches that were appointed to the Training and Research Hospital staff and serving in the State Hospital were gradually moved to the main building and started to serve here.
In our hospital, patient rooms are created for 1 person or 2 people. Bedside medical gas and vacuum pendants, air conditioning, television, and refrigerator are standard in each room. Service is provided with 546 beds in 273 rooms in total. In addition, there are 681 treatment beds in intensive care units and outpatient units (emergency room, oncology and Daily Treatment Center and hemodialysis unit).
There are 13 operating theaters in our hospital, all with laminar flow. Operations have been performed since 25.08.2010. The operating rooms are designed according to the characteristics of the branches used and are equipped with devices that can be used for endoscopic surgical interventions, as well as microsurgical interventions in neurosurgery, eye and ear-nose-throat surgery.

    After providing the necessary personnel and equipment for the largest intensive care unit in the region with a total of 44 intensive care beds, patients started to be admitted to the Anesthesia and Reanimation intensive care unit as of 20.10.2010. Thoracic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Neurology, General Surgery intensive care units serve under the coordination of the relevant branch physicians. In addition, services are provided with computer-aided automation, pneumatic system and nurse call system. An Endoscopy center has been established for interventional procedures, where Gastroenterological endoscopy and bronchoscopy procedures of Chest Diseases are performed and patient resting rooms. One 128-slice Computerized Tomography, 1 64-slice Computed Tomography, 1 1.5 tesla MRI, 3 digital x-ray devices and 1 fluoroscopy, 1 portable x-ray, 4 ultrasonography devices and USG and Doppler USG services are provided.

    All equipment including ventilators, monitors and bedside units are provided in trauma and resuscitation intervention rooms in the emergency department. Emergency laboratory, digital x-ray and 64-slice CT are available in the emergency department. Since 23.08.2010, patients are admitted, and training and meetings are held by establishing a conference hall for 345 people and a seminar room for 30 people. A library was created by the Education Coordinator in our hospital. National periodicals come to the library periodically. As Health Sciences University Gazi Yaşargil Training and Research Hospital, our hospital is equipped with national and international medical and technical equipment.