Our Quality Policy
22 Mart 2021


It aims to be an exemplary hospital that can offer the most advanced national and international health practices within its own structure, who believe that a healthy life is not a privilage but a right, who knows that a healthy breath is the most important blessing in the world, and that our country will set an example by delivering healing to those who demand service with this awareness.


Society's developing and changing health services; It is to give qualified, efficient, reliable, universal values, by taking advantage of all the possibilities of current science and technology. Since health services are the most fundamental rights of every human being, we have determined it as our mission to be a modern and preferred health institution where these services are easily accessible and transparent for individuals and all segments of the society, where employees are happy and want to work.


Respecting patient rights,

To adhere to medical ethical rules,

To be knowledgeable, transparent and reliable,

To be researcher, devoted, responsible and for the benefit of society,

To be open to innovations,

To adapt to change,

To be participative,

To be a cooperative team with greaqt team spirit,

To have a spirit of solidarity and sharing,

To manage quality with a holistic approach and to provide quality service all together.